Marusyas' painting and drawing style began to develop in childhood. During that time, she attended a school for the visual arts in Russia. Marusya studied classical academic technique, but leaned towards surrealism and expressive abstraction. Later, while during studying art in the United States, her work became progressively more abstract. Marusyas' painting process is about balancing what is absent and what is present, the internal and the external, abstraction and figuration. Her artworks are always personal and do not carry political or social messages. Instead, Marusya Panchenko makes art to convey the harmony she finds in places such as nature and in mysterious places such as abandoned churches. Another theme that comes across her artwork is dance. She captures a sense of motion, its expression and its emotional power and the ways that dance speaks to a viewer in a form of body language and mark making.

The ultimate goal of Marusyas' work is to evoke, to bring up the inner and sensual by avoiding straight messages. Artist creates her own language of symbols and forms that are intentionally left for a viewer to guess.  She is interested in understanding approach, in which the observer focuses not on the artists’ viewpoint, but how the art speaks to him and what curious decisions it brings.